Sanitary Clamp Fittings and Gaskets

We stock a wide variety of sanitary clamps, adapter fittings and gaskets for your 1/2" - 8" sanitary process. Sanitary clamp fittings (A.K.A. polyclamp, triclamp, tri-clamp, TC, S-Clamp, S-Line) are commonly used in the food, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries. They make for easy assembly and breakdown of process lines and equipment for maintenance and cleaning.  All of the sanitary clamp and fitting products listed on our site are normally available for shipment on the same or next business day. Looking for a sanitary clamp, fitting or gasket not listed on the site? We can help. Just fill out our contact form or give us a call!

About our Sanitary Clamps

The sanitary clamps, adapters, and fittings that we stock come from a variety of premier manufacturers, including VNE and Steel & O'Brien. The standard sanitary clamp union system, consisting of two matching ferrules, a gasket, and a clamp, is leakproof and free of crevices. These unions can be easily assembled and disassembled on your process hose and equipment application. Our clamps are interchangeable with other standard sanitary clamps from Tri-Clover (i.e. Tri-Clamp, A.K.A. Triclamp or TC) fittings, and Waukesha WCB S-Line*.

See this Sanitary Clamp Fitting Catalog for more information.

We can also offer a limited selection of Sanitary Bevel Seat Fittings, BPE Fittings, I-Line Fittings, and John Perry Fittings.