Food Grade Hose Assemblies and Bulk Hose

We are an authorized fabricator and distributor of Saint Gobain and Goodyear food grade hoses. You can configure our Pure-Fit FGR (that's for Food Grade Rubber) and Goodyear Vintner sanitary food grade hose assemblies online (any length!) with stainless steel crimped end connections. We also offer the Vintner hose in bulk by the foot. We can offer many other styles of sanitary hoses for food applications;  check out our Additional Sanitary Hoses page to learn more. Not sure what hose is right for you? Give us a call!

About Pure-Fit® Food Grade Sanitary Hose

Pure-Fit® FGR (Food Grade Rubber) Hose from Saint Gobain Performance Plastics is designed specially for the demanding condition of food and beverage processing. It can withstand rough handling and high temperatures in a variety of applications, including: Food, Beverage, Cosmetics, Personal Hygiene, Dairy.

Multiple fabric reinforcements, along with a single-helix stainless steel wire, enable the hose to flex easily, withstand vacuum, stand up to higher pressures and facilitate static grounding. Its white nitrile-PVC blend inner tube is FDA approved and will not impart any taste or odor.

See Catalog Datasheet for more information.

About Goodyear Vintner Food and Beverage Hose

Goodyear Vintner™ is used for in-plant and/or tank truck transfer of wine, beer, potable water and other non-oily foodstuffs. Consists of white chlorobutyl tube, Gray Versigard® synthetic rubber (wrapped) with purple branding tape cover, and spiral-plied synthetic fabric with monofilament helix reinforcement.
Order Vintner Bulk Hose Online or as a Configurable Assembly. See Catalog Datasheet for more information about this type of hose.