Chemical Hose Assemblies

We are an authorized fabricator and distributor of Saint Gobain and Goodyear chemical hoses. Our most common style of chemical hose (TLCT) can be configured and ordered online. You may also consider our stainless steel flexible metal hose for many chemical applications. Also see our pages on Additional Sanitary Hoses and Additional Metal Hoses. Not sure what chemical hose is right for your application? Give us a call (or fill out our contact form).

About Flexible Components TLCT Hose

Saint Gobain's flexible components TLCT Hose is constructed with a FEP fluoropolymer smooth inner tube with an EPDM rubber cover. It has unexcelled chemical resistance and is also full vacuum rated. Applications include: caustic cleaning, food and beverage, pumping stations, chemical trailer loading/unloading, isolation dampeners, CIP (Clean in Place), load cell applicators, flavors, and portable pumps.

See Catalog Datasheet for more information.

About Goodyear Fabchem Chemical Hose

Goodyear Fabchem™ handles the majority of common industrial chemicals in pressure, gravity flow and suction applications. Consists of Pliosyn™ Polyethylene (UHMWPE) tube, green Versigard® synthetic rubber with bright orange longitudinal stripe, corrugated cover, and spiral-plied synthetic fabric with double wire helix reinforcement.
Order Fabchem Bulk Hose Online Also available as custom assembly with crimped ends. Contact us with your requirements for a quote. See the following Catalog Datasheet for more information about this type of hose.